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Garbage, Recycling & Yard Waste


Curbside pick-up of household garbage and recycling for residents of the Local Urban District of La Broquerie will be done each and every Friday.  If a statutory holiday falls on a Friday, garbage and recycling pick-ups will occur the following Monday and Friday as well.



5 bag limit per week/ no loose garbage in containers

Garbage containers must have handles

Garbage containers must not weigh more than 50 lbs. (22.6 kg)

Household garbage only/no furniture/electronics/ renovation materials or hazardous materials

No broken glass in garbage bags, must be labeled and preferred in a cardboard box.


Use recyclable packaging

RECYCLE newspaper, magazines, milk cartons, steel cans, plastic (#1,#2,#3, #4, #5, #7), aluminum cans, glass containers, and cardboard

Tires and oil can be brought to the landfill for free recycling.

Fridges, freezers, air conditioners, water coolers, and mattresses are accepted at the landfill for a charge.

Waste items must not measure more than 3 feet in dimension in any way. 

Electronic waste items such as computers. Laptops, printers, microwaves, TV’s, cameras, and audio equipment should be brought to EASTMAN RECYCLING AT 60 Industrial Road, Steinbach.

New Recyclepedia Mobile App

We’re very excited to announce that the Recyclepedia is now available as a mobile app! Similar to the web tool, it’s available in 13 different languages, and helps residents determine what is accepted in their recycling bins and supports reduced contamination. Encourage your residents to download the app for FREE on their smartphones.

If you’ve downloaded the app, leave us a rating or review and let us know what you think!

Improper Disposal/Dumping

Do NOT dispose of residential waste in commercial bins and dumpsters. If it is not your designated bin, don’t use it.

Please note that there is a limit of 5 garbage bags per household.



Curbside yard waste pickup within the LUD of La Broquerie occur every other Monday. 

Please follow these guidelines: 

- yard waste must be in paper bags or cardboard boxes

- branches must be no more then 3 ft long  

For 2021, yard waste is scheduled to begin on Monday, April 12 and continue thereafter every other week.

If you live in the Rural area of the Municipality and would like to arrange for Garbage and Recycling Pick-Up at your residence please look at our business directory.

Please note that all ratepayers in the Rural area of the Municipality are responsible for all costs for this service.

For more information on the Steinbach Landfill and their hours of operation please visit their website.